St Barnabas Northolt Park

The Fairway, Northolt, Middlesex, UB5 4SX

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  1. Our Life Together - Living the Good News

    3.1  Worship Services
    3.2  Upcoming Events
    3.3  Activities and Groups
           3.3.1 Home Groups
           3.3.2 Youth Activities
           3.3.3 The Link
           3.3.4 Toddlers
           3.3.5 Children's Activites
           3.3.6 Uniformed Organisations

    3.4  Links with Friends and Neighbours
           3.4.1 ALMA
           3.4.2 Traidcraft
           3.4.3 The Poplars
           3.4.4 Other Local Churches and SING
    3.5  Being Part of the Anglican Church
           3.5.1 What is the Church of England?
           3.5.2 Our Diocese
           3.5.3 The Anglican Communion
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