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Supporting St Barnabas Financially


Whether you regularly support the work of St Barnabas, or are feeling you would like to now make a financial commitment or a one-off gift or donation, this page is designed to provide you with the information you need.  We’ve included some detail on:

·         ‘WHY’ giving is so important and

·         Help in deciding ‘WHAT’ to give 

‘HOW’ you can make it happen, is set out below.

Christian giving is a deep and thoughtful response to God’s love and His overwhelming generosity.  Christian stewardship is actually a way of life in which we see that everything we have and are is given in trust from God, to be used in His service. This means we are stewards of everything God has given us; our time, our abilities, our possessions.......and our money.

The numerous community activities, events and services at St Barnabas would not be possible without the generosity of its people.  Such giving sustains our church building, provides parish clergy and enables our ministry.  It also enables the St Barnabas to plan and carry forward our vision.

If you would like to make a gift or donation, on a one-off basis or by regular giving here’s how to make it happen.

Regular Giving

You can give to St Barnabas on a regular basis by:

Standing Order: It is simple to set up a Standing Order to give to St Barnabas on a regular basis.  A Standing Order Mandate is available from the Treasurer, or via the Church Office.  If you are concerned that giving by this method means that your gift is not taken to the Altar and blessed during the Service,  Standing Order Giving Cards are available and can be placed into the Collection Bag to provide a reminder to you of your gift.

The Envelope Scheme: You can commit to giving an amount on a weekly or monthly basis.  We will provide you with a set of gift envelopes for your offering which can then be put in the Collection Bag passed round during the services on Sunday.

Completing a Pledge Form and/or making a regular gift enables St Barnabas to plan more accurately.  This form just confirms the commitment you are making over a period of time (usually a year).

If you are unable to make a commitment to give regularly at this time, you are welcome to place what you can give into the Collection Bag during the service.


One-off Gift

St Barnabas is grateful for any gift you are able to give.  Maybe there has been an important event in your life, the birth of a child, a change of circumstance; the loss of a loved one.  Maybe you would like to say a special thank you or to support a particular aspect of Church life.  At a time of change we may want to ‘give something back’ in gratitude or celebration of God’s goodness.  We can help you do this in the following ways:

By cheque:   Make your cheque payable to St Barnabas PCC and pop it into the Collection Bag during one of the Sunday Services. You can also send your cheque to:
Fr Edmund Cargill Thompson,
The Vicarage
St Barnabas Church
Raglan Way
Northolt UB5 4SX

By cash:  Cash can be deposited in the Collection Bag during the Sunday Services.

In addition, if you are a UK taxpayer, by completing and returning a Gift Aid Form – you enable us to claim additional funds on your financial gift, enabling us to increase the value of your gift by around a ¼.  Don’t be concerned if you have not completed the form at the time of your gift – special Gift Aid Envelopes are available in Church and can be used for both cheques and cash.  Check out the following link to find out more

Leaving a Lasting Legacy

It can be very difficult to think about making a will, but can be so important to our families and loved ones to know our wishes.  As part of this process might you want to consider making a gift to St Barnabas?  There are many who have already done so to our benefit today.  If you would like to consider leaving a legacy as part of your will, you can speak to our Treasurer or Rev’d Tricia. 

You can also telephone the Church of England Legacy Helpline on 08445 870875 or visit  You can also request a Pack by email.


From time to time we collect for a variety of other causes, as part of our annual Lent appeal, at Christmas and during other special services.  These are always announced so you can be assured that your money goes where you intend it.  We can, of course, express our gratitude to God in many ways.  You will see from our Weekly Bulletin that there are many ways to give to God through His Church – some of them are outlined here

Want to Know More?

You may be surprised to know that we do not receive any money from the Government or from any other national sources.  Click on the link to learn more about where our money comes from and how we use the money we receive.

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