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What is ALMA?

ALMA (Angola, London and Mozambique Association) which means SOUL in Portuguese, is the partnership between the Anglican Church in Angola, London and Mozambique. This was formalised on the 12th July 1998 in the signing of a covenant at a special service in St Paul’s Cathedral.

The identity of ALMA is in relationship.

In addition to general prayer and financial support across the diocese there are currently over 40 London parishes twinned with parishes in Angola and Mozambique and several schools formally twinned. 

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What does it mean to be twinned with another parish?  

It means that we care, share and pray for each other in many ways:  


  • That we have a commitment to have a prayer link between the two parishes and to pray for each other regularly.
  • That we share greetings at special times of the year like Christmas and Easter and where possible to make some connections in our worship (for example sharing a prayer or a song in Portuguese and in English which we might include say on Easter Day)
  • That we look at the possibilities of having a link between our children’s / youth groups
  • That we have a commitment to be in conversation together about the needs of both parishes and where possible to help to contribute spiritually, practically and financially towards those needs.
  • That we work towards visiting each others parishes.


Our Twinning

At the end of October 2010 we established a twinning with St Andrew’s Church, Chigoma in the Cobue district the northern lakes shore of Mozambique.

The area overlooks Likoma Island, which you can get to by small boat from all these beaches that face it.  

That is where the largest Cathedral in the region is, the landmark left by the UMCA missionaries.

Next to the church is a clinic, and members of the church offer voluntarily service there, as do they the Equipa da Vida team which serves the community in many different ways. The priest's house is recently renewed, with just a few things left to finish. The Mothers Union is very active in their work.  

Padre Samuel Kapala is the current priest and Padre Jonathan Saide will be taking over shortly.  


This twinning has recently been established and we look forward to sharing news, praying for each other, encouraging each other and establishing a spiritual relationship through Christ.  



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