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Suggestions for Exploring the Bible


Some simple overall tips:

1. Find a version of the Bible which suits you. Few people are used to reading the language of the King James Version, beautiful as it is. To help you understand what you read it is wise to find a version that uses clear modern English.

2. Help yourself to become focused.Setting aside a regular time and finding a place that is relatively free from distractions to read the Bible really do help.

3. Get into a regular pattern of reading – it is a very good idea to read a bit of the Bible every day. It is amazing how what we read helps us to make sense of what happens during a day.

3. Approach the Bible with prayer and anticipation. Expect God to speak through His Word. Ask Him to speak to you through his Word and as you read aim to be open to the Holy Spirit.

4. Use your mind and intellect - ask questions of the passage (see later). Perhaps get hold of some background information to help you understand the context of the passage.

5. Read methodically – perhaps a book at a time or on a theme

6. Read with a pen to hand – some people don’t mind underlining or highlight passages in the Bible. Others have a notebook and write down things they discover and questions that arise. Think about what would help you.

7. Turn from the page to prayer. Bring what you have read into your prayers

8. Don’t give up. Distractions will arise, don’t let this put you off, just offer them too to God. If you find you’ve let things slip just start again. Do what you can, don’t be anxious about what you can’t.


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Study Courses

There are opportunities to have input from others from time to time. St Barnabas has hosted a Walk Thru the Bible Session on the Old Testament.   Take a look at their website at and see what else is available. 

The Diocese runs courses as do other local Churches and we will continue to advertise those we hear about so keep an eye out for details in the Bulletin. Also Christian Colleges like the London School of Theology and Heathrop offer various courses from one day events to full degree programmes. There is plenty available.

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