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Home Groups



We ARE better together!

At the heart of Jesus' ministry was a small group of people: his twelve disciples.

This group gathered around Jesus was made up of very different people, yet they found a unity in being with Jesus. Sharing together in being with Jesus is at the heart of what we want to do when we come together in our home groups.

Home groups are important here at St Barnabas as somewhere we can:


  • Explore the Bible together
    To hear what God is saying through the Bible and consider what that means for us as individuals and as churches.
  • Grow in love for each other
    Jesus calls his followers to be deeply committed to each other, as he is committed to us. Home groups can be one place where we live out our Christian life in community.
  • Pray for, support and encourage each other
    Home groups can be one place in which we pray with and for each other. We can also encourage hope in each other as we explore God's Word and think about important issues for today.


We currently have 1   group, meeting monthly in the link - but would love to have more

If you’d be interested in joining a Home group please contact Mother Patty or Father Mund.

  • Join us for our regular Sunday service
  • 10am lively mass with music

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